Quebec Skilled Worker

Potential applicants are first required to apply through the Quebec government to obtain what is titled a "Certificate of Selection", which is certificate issued by the province of Quebec confirming that the province has accepted you. Upon acceptance, potential applicants are required to apply through a separate application to Citizenship & Immigration Canada in order to obtain permanent residence.

* It is important to remind potential applicants that when applying under this category they will not be assessed on the basis of the six selection factors of the Federal Skilled Workers Category.

Who Can Apply?

Some of the many factors involved in assessing the eligibility of potential applicants include: Fluency in the French Language, Education & Spouse's Education, Work Experience, Relatives in Quebec, Area of training and many other factors which may greatly contribute in obtaining a Quebec Certificate of Selection.

The Quebec Selected Skilled Worker category has its own point system for skilled workers, and requires married couples to have a passing mark of 63 points and single applicants must have a passing mark of 55.

For more information about the list of Preferred Areas of Training & New Quebec Immigration Point System for Skilled Workers, Please Contact Us.