Understanding Credit as a Newcomer immigrant is very important factor as you embark on your life in Canada

This news was obtained from www.cicnews.com

As you embark on your life as a newcomer in Canada, establishing a credit history is an important step towards realizing your financial goals and ambitions. A favourable credit score can help you to secure loans, access competitive mortgage rates, and even improve your prospects as a rental tenant. The question is, what is credit – and how can you build and maintain it in your new country?

In this learning session, sponsored by TD, we’ll provide you with valuable information about credit scores in Canada to assist you on your path to financial stability. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain an understanding of credit in Canada and how to build up a good credit history.

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During this webinar, you will gain valuable knowledge from an experienced professional to help you feel confident about how to build a good credit history and improve your credit score. Our seasoned professional will address your questions and concerns related to building credit in Canada. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn and gain knowledge that may help you build good credit . Register for our webinar today!

Are you concerned about your credit? Not sure what a good credit score in Canada really is – and how to get it?

If so, this information-packed webinar is perfect for newcomers like you!

Establishing a strong financial foundation in Canada is important, especially for newcomers. Where do you start? Let us help you with answers to many of your questions about credit, credit scores, and credit history in Canada. With the expertise of our seasoned financial professional, you’ll gain the knowledge required to make informed credit-related decisions which may open the doors to better mortgage rates, rental opportunities and getting a loan if you ever need one.

Embarking on a new chapter in your life means taking control of your financial future, and we’re here to support you throughout this journey. Join us for an information filled webinar presented by CanadaVisa and hosted by TD. This event will provide many valuable insights, enabling you to make informed choices about your credit and financial path in Canada.


What will you learn?

In this comprehensive webinar created especially for newcomers, we will break down the basics of credit in Canada so that you can easily understand:

  • Why a Good Credit Score Matters: Understand what credit is — and why it’s important to have a good credit score in Canada.
  • How Credit Scores Are Calculated: Learn about the factors that influence your credit score and how it’s determined. What number constitutes a good score?
  • What Information is Important: Find out what kind of information credit bureaus look at to determine your credit history and ultimately your credit score.
  • How to Build a Strong Credit Score: Learn how TD can help you achieve and maintain a good credit score so you can build a secure financial foundation.

Your path to a good financial foundation in Canada starts with a good credit score – with a clear understanding of credit. Let CanadaVisa and TD help provide you with the right information. Don’t miss out – register now for this informational webinar that’s designed just for you.


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This news was obtained from www.cicnews.com