Hamid Reza Azimi

Mr. Hamid Reza Azimi is the founder and director of H.R. Azimi Immigration Services Inc. He graduated from Western Michigan University in 1982 and holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering. He was also on the Dean’s List in 1981, 1982 and 1983 and a winner of an Academic achievement award from the Science Department of Western Michigan University. In addition, Mr. Azimi holds an Immigration Consultant degree from Humber College in Toronto, Canada and is an official member of CSIC (Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants).

Mr. Azimi’s extensive management experience as a director of several companies in Iran, U.A.E and Canada has made him an expert in providing business advice and consultation to potential clients who wish to apply under the business immigration category, as an investor, entrepreneur and self-employed. He is familiar with the Canadian business environment and has provided valuable advice to individuals who wish to establish a new business in Canada. In addition, Mr. Azimi’s extensive contact with the fast growing Iranian business community in Toronto is an asset for people who are looking for employment in Canada. For nearly two decades he has helped newcomers immigrate to Canada by sharing his experience and knowledge about life in Canada. Mr. Azimi believes that newcomers should find their settlement in Canada an enjoyable experience, and therefore, believes that it is of utmost importance that they are provided with proper care, support and guidance once they set foot on Canadian soil.

Mr. Azimi’s office in Toronto, Canada provides immigration services that will help temporary workers and foreign students apply for immigration to Canada through the Canadian experience class and category 3 of the new skilled worker program while they are in Canada. The Toronto office also provides immigration services for those who wish to sponsor their immediate family members, apply for citizenship, renew their permanent resident cards, extend their visitor visas, and all other in-Canada applications. The staff and consultants who work in the Toronto office are among the best of their kind in the immigration industry, and through their extensive knowledge and years of experience, along with their personal care have brought themselves the respect and trust of people in different ethnic communities.

Mr. Azimi’s Tehran office, with more than 15 years of presence in Iran, has been one of the most successful immigration offices in the Middle East. The Tehran office in conjunction with our other satellite offices in Iran is the hub for potential individuals that wish to immigrate to Canada. The Tehran office provides potential clients with face to face meetings, immigration advice, document collection services, case processing, follow-up on individual cases and providing support for people who are in need of information before they move to Canada. These services make up only some of the many services that the Tehran office provides clients in Iran and other countries in the Middle East.